Every enterprise client we work with has some use cases where it's ideal to use a private API key. Enterprise clients have more demanding requirements and technical issues to solve. This prototype built out as an application will allow more enterprise-level clients to say "YES" to Webflow.

What it does

Uses a Webflow form to to POST a submission to our server. Our server holds our server code and private API key. We are able to send data from Webflow to a third party application with private API key.

How we built it

We had 2 people working full time (a developer and a designer), and 2 people assisting as needed (Artable admin and project manager).

Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we're proud of

With further development, this can used on client websites. Every enterprise site we manage has a use case for this application. This will be used internally at Finsweet as a replacement for Zapier! We will drop 2 account plan levels with this Webflow > Airtable concept.

What I learned

Technical advancements to Webflow are required to attract more enterprise-level clients.

What's next for this application

Further development! Save $ on Zapier! Build badass solutions for our clients with this mindset!

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