Our lives are always tied up with financial related commitments. In this digital Era, we are not able to live without a bank account and balancing between numerous financial transactions. More than 90% of the working class people will have multiple accounts. It is always a pain area to keep track of the cash in account versus pending payments. There are many folks who got impacted when the source account doesn't have enough money for standing instructions.

What it does

FINSPEND introduces a solution for simplifying the task of fetching bank balances, pending payment \ standing instruction reminders, supplying fund between multiple accounts to keep enough funds for the scheduled payments. FINSPEND also helps to analyze statements for all accounts.

How I built it

Very latest version of Angular and Node has been used for developing FINSPEND, Account funding via FFDC API

Challenges I ran into

Developing the application in Angular was very challenging as all the team members were new to Angular

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Zero or very low cases of standing instruction failure due to insufficient balance

What I learned

Angular 11, Node JS, Node version manager

What's next for FINSPEND

Digitally combine all accounts as single and do transact every banking needs from one place

Built With

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