From the users we have interviewed, a lot of young people have trouble with financial literacy and making more beneficial financial decisions. We decided to incorporate the processes of gamification and money management into Breadbox! An app that challenges young people to save money, adopt beneficial spending habits, and win unique prizes.

What it does

We created an interactive and fun tool to help people challenge their friends and save money with Breadbox. The first step is to create a user profile to create goals of how much the user wants to save and to create custom savings plans that they can challenge to do themselves or with others. With different categories such as food, shopping, and transportation, you can choose which area you want to save the most from. And each category offers financial tips that can improve your overall financial literacy. By creating teams with your friends, you can customize or use the built in features to set financial goals, cut down on spending, and win prizes when you save the most money. Whether you win or loose, you still have some cash in your pocket.

How I built it

Using the Sketch tool, we were able to layout our prototype to showcase the different functions the app has to offer. With different icons and visuals, we were able to show step-by-step how you can create your profile, set your financial goals, invite friends to challenge you, and sync your bank to that you can enjoy your prizes and savings. With our data collected from our users and the prototype tools from Sketch and Principle, we were able to create different scenarios of Breadbox. Then, we documented our process through PowerPoint to show our design and thinking process through the course of this project.

Challenges I ran into

Some of the challenge we ran into was our sample size. With the time constraints and getting a limited number of interviews from users, we only received just enough to create a prototype that will be fun and interactive to our current audience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are most proud of taking such a broad topic and being able to narrow it down into a feasible solution that can potentially change online banking apps. We were able to bring our skills together in a short period of time to help young people learn more about how important being financially literate is and how these challenges can go a long way.

What we learned

We learned that when it comes to UX designs, that there are always changes to be made. We hope that our challenge will be considered and fine-tuned into a real application that can help young people with learning about managing their financial goals.

What's next for Breadbox Design Project

What's next for us is to get user feedback and iterate!

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