It turns out that 32 percent of young adults have limited money management skills, according to a University of Illinois study.

Track your spending, individuals and companies can use this simple user friendly financial management app to track daily, monthly and yearly spending and expenses

What it does

Finpro is a financial management solution that helps individuals and businesses manage and track their expenses, invoices, budgets and card payments

How I built it

Backend will be built using AWS, Nodejs Frontend is built using HTML/CSS, JavaScript, react, redux, bootstrap

Challenges I ran into

The back-end and limited time

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I consider every aspect of the project as an accomplishment as it was new learning every step of the way.

What I learned

I became more familiar with languages and tools used to build it

What's next for FinPro

A lot. • Good UI design • Working features of scan, invoices and card payments • Back-end implementation • Training development to the development and management of the app • Support for tools and resources

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