• Only 15% of bitcoin traders are women, highlighting a massive gender imbalance in the world of cryptocurrency, according to new data from eToro.
  • In the world of cryptocurrency, women are shockingly underrepresented, even compared to the overwhelmingly male tech sector as a whole.
  • Four-in-five (81%) have never purchased cryptocurrency
  • In fact, only one-in-ten (10%) said they fully understand how cryptocurrencies work
  • A third (35%) believe cryptocurrencies are a fad
  • Almost every sixth (14%), though, of those that are not using cryptocurrency currently would like to in the future
  • Nearly a fifth (19%) that use cryptocurrencies have experienced hacking attacks on exchanges and (15%) have been victims of cryptocurrency fraud.

Our inspiration grew from focusing on women empowerment when it comes to having independence towards their own finances. As women, we wanted to create something we all were interested in and that was cryptocurrency, investing and finance. Understanding that there is a massive gender imbalance in the world of cryptocurrency, we wanted to alter this and allow women to dive deep into the world of finance.

Still many people desire to invest however don’t have easy accessibility and awareness about crypto, market & investments. We want to reach every single person like young individuals or a person who is not so sure about investment. So that they can easily be informed, gain knowledge & be self sufficient with their finance handling, we have picked up this as our problem statement

What it does

FinNOVA focuses on women empowerment in the field of finance, investing and cryptocurrency. It allows women of all backgrounds and ages along with young individuals or a person who is willing to have a platform where they can educate themselves on cryptocurrency through a variety of options. FinNOVA includes quizzes in various levels ranging from easy, intermediate and difficult, latest news/updates on crypto, educational videos and a cryptobot! It is an engaging platform where they can increase their knowledge through challenging themselves by doing the quizzes, asking questions within the cryptobot and being knowledgeable/updated on the latest news within the stock market!

How we built it

We used HTML, CSS, Django, SQLite, Python, Google Cloud Dialogflow & Iconscout

Challenges we ran into

Finding trustworthy resources was tough as we plan to stay user friendly. Finding the more suitable news API was kinda tough. Also we had some struggle to keep the UI user friendly and interactive. Moreover, having different time zones was a challenge but we created a concrete solution.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of finishing our project within the time limit and learning new skills along the way.

What we learned

This was an amazing learning experience. We learned about the importance of soft skills such as time management and productivity. Also, we learned how to use the platform Django as both the front and back end.

What's next for FinNOVA

A feature which would add coins to wallet for clearing milestones and engaging with us. We can do that by pairing with paytm, amazon pay or ethereum by promoting them. More user friendly features and resources to be added with finance tracking features from different platforms. We want to add an expense tracker where users can also add their short and long term expenses.

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