Finnacle is inspired by the lack of an older adult friendly financial application. Current banking applications have impersonal user interface and disregard the need for simplicity and clarity. With age comes the susceptibility of cognitive impairment and fraud. Cognitive impairments, such as dementia, can cause older adults to feel helpless out of control. This feel leaves them susceptible to money scams. 36.5 billion dollars is lost annually due to money scams against seniors. Finnacle is designed to give older adults back financial control and financial security.

Why Finnacle?

  1. Finnacle promotes collective decision-making and shared accountability
  2. Finnacle's has Simplified Settings:
    • Perceptibility: Color-coded icons
    • Readability: Adjustable font size
    • Inclusive: Change interface language
  3. Finnacle's Dementia-friendly Settings
  4. Finnacle Cares: Fraud Protection Alerts

How we built it

We did research on UI/UX on elder people and applied the following conclusions to our designs: - Simple and intuitive UI. - Color-coded sections and categories, that highlight important information. - Suitable fonts and font-size for better legibility. - Auditory and visual guidelines to support and aid those with audio and visual needs.

Challenges we ran into

There is not a lot of older adult friendly applications on the market. We had to do a deep dive into what are the visual and cognitive needs of these individuals when it come to mobile applications.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to take a step back and put ourselves into the shoes of our targeted audience. Additionally we able proud of out ability to work seamlessly together as we built an app that grows with the user.

What we learned

We learned a significant amount about UI research specifically targeted for the older population. Additionally, we learned how to use Figma and create and an interactive app

What's next for Finnacle

Moving forward, we hope to develop the project future and streamline out quality features.

Built With

  • figma
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