The Inspiration

Working as a freelancer can be quite stressful - talking with clients, planning, creating, marketing - it's a never-ending list of tasks that you must complete on time. We wanted to create an app that would be a loyal assistant to self-employed people and small businesses.

The Solution

Finnacle helps with managing client information - it stores contact details.

It also has a built-in invoice generator, so when a milestone is achieved, the invoice is automatically send to the client.

The Tools

The app was built using the functionalities of React and Flask.

The Challenges

The time limit proved to be a challenge, but we managed to overcome by managing our time. We also faced some problems in Git, which we used for collaboration. Due to an accidental force push, we lost some data. However, we were able to solve it later.

The Accomplishments

We are proud to have created a tool which can improve the daily lives of many within the limited time constraints!
We believe that our project can become an integral part of the workflow. And freelancers would be more productive by not having to use many different tools, and have a unified place to manage finances , create invoices and manage projects.

The Growth

We learned a lot in a short span of time! We had only learnt about react in theory and by making Finnacle, we actually got to implement it and improve on our react skills. We also learnt about Flask, and JWT Authentication. Also, we put our problem-solving skills to the test, and that helped us grow!

The Future

We hope to continue to support independent workers by creating more solutions that can assist them! In the near future, we hope to add more functions to Finnacle .

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