Teens like us don't know how to manage their money and go broke the second they start to live by themselves. Everyone knows about the stereotypical broke college student eating nothing but ramen all day everyday. We want to help people learn about financial literacy and be prepared to live alone in their future.

What it does

Teens can input their weekly spending and get tips on how to improve it. They can also set goals for saving up and make a plan to reach their goal. It also gives daily tips about managing your money.

How we built it

Creating the app was quite an adventure. None of us had ever built an app before so we didn't know where to start. We tried App Inventor, Moqup, and Thunkable, but none of them turned out how we envisioned and we knew we could make it better. We then tried to make a website but we realized it would be harder to implement all the features we wanted. We finally tried Android Studio and were able to bring our idea to life.

Challenges we ran into

Using App Inventor, Moqup, and Thunkable was confusing and we had trouble making the app how we wanted. We had to learn the ins and outs of Android Studio to create a functioning, easy-to-use app.

Accomplishments that we're proud ofNone of us had ever built an app before and, with lots of collaboration and how-to videos, we made our first functioning android app.

What we learned

We learned how to build an app using Android Studio and bring to life an easy-to-use app to help teens manage their money. We also learned a bit about managing our own money along the way.

What's next for FinLit

We want to implement AI to analyze users' spending data based on pictures of their receipts and connecting it to their bank accounts. We also hope to expand it by partnering up with financial institutions.

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