I was very interested in creating a place where I can view stocks, cryptocurrencies, breaking news and news about a certain stock/cryptocurrencies. I also wanted to use stocktwitsapi to find the what people are saying about a certain stock. This way I didn't have to visit different sites to find information relevant to the asset.

What it does

So I created Finlast, a webapp where people can search up stocks or cryptocurrency and find content relevant to a certain asset. On the homepage there is top trending stocks and news. Everything changes throughout the day, what was irrelevant in the morning could become a hot stock by the end of the day and vice versa. People can also find news about anything they like by either going in the news section of the site or by using the search bar in the navigation bar. The users can find many things once they visit different stock pages, including the current price, a detailed chart, stock and relevant news.

How I built it

The app is built using Node.js. I used express for routing and request for making API calls. The APIs I used for this project were: stocktwits (chats for different stocks and crypto), newsapi (for finding all the news), coinmarketcap (for crypto), Yahoo finance (for searching stocks and crypto) and lastly Tradeview (for all the charts). EJS is used for templating and Bootstrap/Shards for handling the frontend UI.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating a fully functional dynamic website that creates content on the go and fulfills user's needs.

What I learned

Improved my Node.js development skills and I plan to use these strong skills in future projects.

What's next for Finlast

Backend improvements and maybe an official site for the public to use. Also a 'create profile feature' for creating a users personal portfolio

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