I wanted to build an interesting leverage trading platform, but needed some base protocols which the IC does not have yet. Thus, I decided to build one of those base protocols

What it does

It is a money market similar to Aave or Compound on Ethereum. These platforms enable capabilities in DeFi that cannot be replicated in CeFi (such as flash loans)

How we built it

The backend canisters are built in Motoko using an interface pattern with class actors The frontend runs on an asset canister, through a static Nextjs app written in typescript. Agentjs is used for backend interaction

Challenges we ran into

Learning a new language and ecosystem Getting wallets (like Plug, Connect2IC) to communicate with local replicas The asynchronous nature of execution on the IC and how to work with it The lack of events

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to deliver a functioning POC in time! Creating a frontend wallet for use with the demo dapp for testing The number of tests written and passed - and subsequent bugs fixed Learning a new skill (Motoko, coding for the IC)

What we learned

That the ICP is still growing and has amazing opportunities for innovation That the IC is unlike any other blockchain and helps dapps become truly decentralized

What's next for Finivest

  • Gettting the POC launched on mainnet
  • Getting a team together to take this further
  • Fleshing the app out to be production ready, etc, etc.

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posted an update

I've been taking a break to recover from the last push of work to submit in time. But this is to let those interested know that I'm planning to launch a version of the demo Finivest dApp on the IC next week

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