During the pandemic, most businesses are going to suffer huge losses. Most big businesses and blue chip companies have enough capital on their hand to survive and recover but SMEs ( small and medium enterprises ) won't be able to recover. So, we thought why not build a platform which acts as an intermediate between the affected businessowners and the government so that effective and transparent communication can lead to appropriate financial help.

What it does

A user would also be required to upload proper identification proofs of himself as well as his business ventures. The developed application would consider all these factors and calculate whether a particular user is eligible or not for the Government compensation schemes. If eligible, the concerned user may communicate his losses through the application. The submitted applications would be thoroughly analyzed by an automated software built by us ,and then approval of appropriate financial compensation will take place . The government portal would draw out the analytics from all the grievances submitted and then look at major areas of concern to work upon.

How I built it

We developed and designed the cross platform app using Flutter and Figma. The backend was handled using sqlite , Django and Python.

Challenges I ran into

Data Verification and Automation was a major challenge for us in the beginning but we finally figured it out. We are opting for digital signature verification from the electronic forms of the documents and we are developing an algorithm for data automation to reduce human effort and save time .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to design and develop a fully functional mobile app and web portal within 48 hours and even tested it successfully to get into the top 30 finalist teams.

What we learnt

We learnt how to work under pressure and strict time constraints and yet deliver a highly successful fully functional product.

What's next for FinHelp

We are taking FinHelp to the global level by implementing some changes in the app so as to increase security, make it foolproof , automate it at every possible step and by making it relevant for the market even during normal days.

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