Inspiration - Sometimes it can be difficult to stay in touch with our aging family members, and often we worry about their health and well-being. FingerString was designed to use automated voice phone calling features to improve the quality of life for seniors and their family through a variety of features including: appointment reminders, and health check-ins.

What it does - This skill interfaces with the FingerString appointment reminders system to schedule events onto a user's calendar. You can set an appointment date and time, and how far in advance you need to be notified. At the schedueld time, FingerString will place an automated, interactive voice phone call to the phone number registred on the FingerString account (not the Alexa/Amazon account phone number).

How we built it - We built the skill using node.js, and interfacing with the FingerString API via REST.

Challenges we ran into - Mapping time zones from the FingerString account to the TZ values as used by the node.js libraries was tricky.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - The dialog model is very smooth and allows the user to specify exactly what they need.

What we learned - I learned how to better use automated dialog features of Alexa Skill Kit

What's next for FingerString Appointments - We hope to build more FingerString skills that will allow a user to manage more features of their account, such as modifying their daily check-in schedule, or adding new users to their account.

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