Websites and companies are using alternative tracking methods to identify users and their activity on the web. When a website cannot track a user through cookies they may attempt to identify user activity using fingerprinting. This alternative to cookies uses information about the user’s hardware, tendencies and location to fingerprint them. It is difficult to tell that you are being fingerprinted and many websites depend on these tracking methods for the site to work properly. How can we make user’s activity more private as well as teach users to be more vigilant of how they are being tracked online?

What it does

The fingerprint blocks third-parties from tracking user device information. Canvas fingerprinting is a sneaky way to track users by only using information of what is displayed on the monitor. Even though the same site looks the same to multiple users, each user's hardware has slight differences in how images are displayed. Trackers can use this data to identify a user even when they have turned off cookies or even when they are using private browsing windows.

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