We spent nearly the whole hackathon thinking out what cool things could have been done with the Synaptics Fingerprint Scanner! We tried using the fingerprint scanner to connect the public to the public in need, to using the scanner as a new means to make financial transactions. After multiple testing, we can definitely attest to the amazing quality of the fingerprint scanner. Simply put, the scanner works and what we are able to detect is awesome.

What it does

Reads both a fingerprint and a value at once - therefore performing both authentication and input.

How we built it

We built it to run locally on the machine processing the image.

Challenges we ran into

We definitely debated over what we could do with this product very such and then time became an issue. We tested different product ideas with the scanner and we ran into a lot of failures there. The end product of turning it into a filter reflect the feelings we had with finishing this hack that although we had a lot of serious ambitions ideas with this product that we throughly tested, we find that finishing this filter reminds us that serious ambitious project are always cool but in the midst of time constraints, it is still important to have fun.

Other Challenges we faced: Vuforia (AR) was way to out of date to use effectly for Android Studio. We spend a grand total of 7 hours troubleshooting that possibility. Fingerpay testing showed promising results however the materials we used rendered project impractical. The initial theory was that one would be able to use the conductive graphite from a pencil, and press the value onto the sensor. We tried other materials - sparkly sharpie, tape, and even water based ink, but to no avail.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

More experience or first time experience looking into AR and developed new techniques for problem solving in Android Studio. More experience with Xcode and playing with the Dropbox API.

What we learned

Lots of out of the box thinking was required of us to work on this product and we hope to iterate on Fingerpay once we find a better solution than one we had to rush.

What's next for FingerprintFilter

We are going to keep iterating on it and find new ways to to use fingerprint technology!

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