Inspiration: The struggle of carrying a lot of keys and losing/forgetting them.

What it does: FingerLock helps the user to lock/unlock his door without a key, using just your fingerprint!

How we built it: using Arduino, Node MCU, fingerprint sensor, lcd display units, LED, smart key, web interface, PC and databases.

Challenges we ran into: lack of hardware to implement the demo, and merging the hardware with interface

Accomplishments that we're proud of making the FingerLock Idea a function as we intended! Using fingerprint sensor and demonstrate how the verification steps using the interface work, now user can test our demo.

What we learned: how to program hardware like Arduino and merging it with the software, working under the pressure with the team and dealing with several tasks.

What's next for FingerLock: we finalized our prototype and within these two days we will be able to launch our minimum value product (MVP).

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