Inspired by Lenovo's groundbreaking MUMT technology we set out to recreate a classic game... with a twist!

What it does

FingerKnots uses revolutionary MUMT technology to bring the family together like never before. Multiple players can gather around and experience finger twisting fun while the computer judge and score keeper keeps everyone honest. The game features a polished UI complete with music and sound effects to further engage players.

How we built it

As a long distance team, we decided to meet at a central location to brainstorm and kickoff development. We continued meeting remotely to further improve the app to our standards.

Challenges we ran into

Seemingly simple game logic turned out to be fairly complex. In addition, version control is extremely difficult to accomplish when working with such a large project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Our game is able to engage multiple players simultaneously using a single device.
  • As evidenced by our numerous playtests our game is easy to play and incredibly addictive.

What we learned

How to effectively handle multitouch and design for large-screen ultraportable devices.

What's next for FingerKnots

Several exciting updates planned such as:

  • Improved single player experience with high scores and timers.
  • New actions to perform such as tapping and swiping from color to color
  • Added difficulty with occasionally moving tiles.

Built With

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