I was inspired by a white tarp while trying to think of what to do for WicHacks. The tarp on the ground reminded me of the game twister. I figured it had to be possible to create an app where you could play twister with your fingers. I used swift because I have a mac. I didn't really know anything about swift when I started but that's what makes it fun.

What it does

The project is an iPhone app that lets you play twister with your fingers. The app displays a color and a finger that you are supposed to place on a matching colored circle. There is a single player and two player mode. The single player mode tallies up points before you lose (each move is considered a point). The two player mode lets you play with a friend. This mode displays who wins when someone does an incorrect move.

How I built it

I built this project in Swift. It was my first time in Swift so I watched a lot of youtube video's to figure it out. Luckily past experience in Java and C helped me out a bit.

Challenges I ran into

I still don't know how to pass information from one ViewController to another. It really should be easier than it is. I'll figure it out eventually though.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

An accomplishment that I am proud of is really just learning how to code in another language in such a short period of time. It was easier because of my background in Java and C but I was still very proud of the fact that I was able to build a (mostly) functional app in essentially 14 hours.

What I learned

This project allowed me to learn how to code in another language which is always exciting for me.

What's next for FingeringDots 1.0

Up next for FingeringDots 1.0 is a lot of debugging. I do still need to learn how to pass information from one ViewController to the next so that's something I can look forward to. Once I feel like the app is completed I may be willing to put it up on the app store for others to try.

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