Earlier this year, Hai Lam, one of America's most promising professional League of Legends players suddenly announced his retirement. At 22 years-old, Hai competed for three short years before deciding to leave all professional gaming behind in what some consider the peak of his career.

His reason for retiring? An injury to his right arm and wrist developed through repetitive stress and a lack of proper attention or care. Despite attempts to return to League of Legends, Hai's rare form of tendonitis will permanently hinder his ability to compete - it is 100% untreatable, even through surgery, but was 100% preventable through exercise and attention.

1 in 4 of the programmers competing in MHacks will develop a repetitive stress injury within ten years of graduating, causing drops in office productivity, job loss, and a need for surgery. However, OSHA claims 90% of these injuries (almost 500 students here today) are preventable through proper exercise.

What it does

Finger.Yoga helps this high-risk group prevent these injuries by reminding the user to take a break anytime they sit for at least an hour and to use that break for stretching common injury locations.

By using the Apple Watch, Finger.Yoga is able accurately train and confirm the user's ability to perform over twenty stretch exercises aimed at preventing repetitive stress injuries. Using several complex methods of motion tracking, including a boosted gyroscope sensitivity and scan latency in the heart-rate sensor, the application can even determine what finger a user is touching with their thumb during the Piano exercise.

Users are rewarded with achievements, points, and the opportunity to compete with friends and their favorite professional gamers for the best Finger Yoga streak.

Even without owning an Apple Watch, the user is able to participate and track their progress as they learn the many exercises. These exercises were developed in collaboration with a professional reflexologist that has been practicing medicine for over twenty years.

How was it built?

Finger.Yoga might just be Team Cloudfloss's most ambitious project to-date. With a brand new beta WatchOS 2 SDK to attack and a large marketing push, we knew that laser focus would be necessary- which is why we invented (and then implemented) Hackathon Agile /w standup every hour! Eighteen sprints and a mountain of post-it-notes later, Finger.Yoga is ready!

What's next for Finger.Yoga

Last night, Finger.Yoga was plugged by a popular Hearthstone streamer in the middle of his Twitch.TV broadcast. We received over 3,000 requests for alpha access codes and chose 700 of those users to test our application based on their ownership of the Apple Watch and willingness to provide feedback. We plan to expand the app's competitiveness and provide companies with private community leaderboards in order to promote healthy programming from within.

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