An application to educate young adults about financial planning and investing


The idea came to my mind when I saw my friends and me having very low knowledge about financial investments in our life. I decided to build a web tool in a gamified way so that it looks interactive and one can learn things by doing it. Earlier the traditional way of understanding finance was reading big boring books which can be tackled via this tool.

What it does

I decided to create an interactive web app from which people can understand their finances and get to know about different investment options available to them. People can invest their money in a better and organized manner. To make the process more interesting I gamified the app.

How I built it

I used the concept of WEBD and crawled some of the articles, research papers to conclude the idea of developing this tool. Further experiments and errors lead to me build this successful web tool. Exploring the data and stocks in the market with different pattern changes in the growth of the economy made me understood to create a loss/gain factor on different investments options.

Challenges ran into

  1. A lot can be improved in the app. We can build a better frontend and responsive site.
  2. Many investing options are yet to be added.
  3. Making the predictions using APIs or a Machine learning backend engine.

Accomplishments that I am proud of

Well, this app is one kind that helps people understand their finances in a fun manner. Earlier the traditional way of understanding finance was reading big boring books which everyone avoided doing. Making games from finance will also encourage the young to take it seriously and help them to make more effective decisions.

What I learned

A lot from different tech stacks to innovative and progressive skills. It was my pleasure to participate in this hackathon.

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