We are all facing concerns to control our multiple video devices.

  • Too many and too complex remotes controls,
  • Too many channels provided by IP TV devices to remember all channels ids,
  • Painful and time consuming researchs in Replay programs or Movies catalogs using virtual keyboard.

Handwriting recognition helps to solve these issues we are all facing. Fing’R Mote android app has been created to ease our TV time using MyScript handwriting recognition to control our devices.

What it does

With Fing'R Mote, you are not only able to control your TVs or your IP TV boxes from your smartphone like with any other universal remote control. Thanks to the handwriting recognition of MyScript, Fing'R Mote is completly changing the way we are interacting with our devices. Channel switching or Program finding are now much easier and faster than ever.

Universal remote control

Fing'R Mote allows to control several video devices with your smartphone.

Stop looking for remotes in your livingroom, you know where is your smartphone !

Handwrite channel name or id

Your IP TV box provides you more than 300 channels... that's great ! But it's sure you can't remember the ids of your favorite channels in this package of hundred channels. Not a problem with Fing'R Mote, write the channel name ! You finally succeed to remember your favourite channel id. Ok for Fing'R Mote, write its id ! IP TV provider reshuffled channels ids or provide new channels ? Fing'R Mote is automatically updated on your smartphone to take this in account !

With Fing’R Mote, stop wasting your time to search your favorite channels on TV, just write their names and let its handwriting recognition do the job.

Pilot virtual keyboard with handwriting

You want to research your favorite program in replays list ? If you have to enter 10 characters on the virtual keyboard of your IP TV Box, number of moves you will perform clicking on arrows of your classic remote control will be around 50 ! This is so time consuming for you and so painful for your thumb ! With Fing'R Mote, handwrite the program name and let's application pilot the virtual keyboard. Your effort timing is divided by 4.

With Fing’R Mote stop wasting your time and energy usingTV’s virtual keyboard, let the handwriting recognition do the hard job for you.

Gesture detection

Using up/down/right/left/tap gestures, browse your devices menus, control volume and on-going TV program.

Fing'R Mote proposes simple interfaces thanks to gesture usage

To know more

Please refer to Text Description document for full informations: inspiration, features description, user guide, application download links.

Get this document clicking on "try it out" 1st link. Get app clicking on "try it out" 2nd link (check in document if your device is compatible)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

See the app fully operational for my home devices and my kids using it !

What's next for Fing'R Mote

Will Fing'R Mote be the starting idea of 21th century remote controls ??

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