Design an investor education product for a specific audience

What it does

FinFree is a mobile application that aims to educate and simulate a user’s financial situation with or without an investment. The app has an intuitive interface that follows a workflow that asks the required fields:

  1. Age
  2. Salary
  3. Loans
  4. City
  5. Risk Appetite
  6. Amount he’s willing to invest

The application generates real-time a hypothetical savings and estimated years to be debt-free before and after he makes an investment. The app is smart to derive cost of living figures (tax, housing, food etc.) based on the city input and is also able to update calculations based on the indicated risk appetite.

Furthermore, a bar graph (savings across time) and pie graph (financial proportions) are generated to visualize the data. User’s can “play” with his data (What-ifs) and the projections and visualization are updating real-time to the latest set parameters. Lastly, the app also has educational data regarding various investments a user can make.

Built With

  • design
  • design-challenge
  • prototyping
  • ux
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