The majority of people make critical decisions about their financial futures either by themselves, through people that are not qualified to direct them (like friends and family), or through institutions that do not necessarily have their best interests at heart.

But, without access to experience or education, where can we go to get good advice? Who can we trust?

On the other hand, some people do have a solid grasp of finance on varying levels. Yet they struggle to find a place to share their ideas, predictions, and opinions with those that need it most. Even more importantly, how can they prove that they can be trusted, and how do they benefit from sharing their knowledge?

This is the problem we decided to tackle with Finfluencers.

What it does

We connect people who need help defining, improving, and developing their finance strategy with people who have the right ideas, opinions, and expertise. To ensure that trust is maintained in the system, Finfluencers leverages blockchain technology to act as a consistent, immutable source of truth.

How we built it

  • Front-end: Vue
  • Backend: Express, with a microservice layout for vertically scaling individual components.
  • Database: Couchbase; a high performance No-SQL database which can be scaled horizontally.
  • Smart contracts: Currently only for data aggregation and historical analysis/snapshotting purposes.

Challenges we ran into

So many ideas, not enough time!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We took on a big, complex idea and created a compelling foundation for a product.

What's next for Finfluencers

Our roadmap for the product includes:

  • expanded bank, exchange, and defi integrations
  • new graphing functionality
  • ML-based strategy identification based on decentralized data
  • functionality to set goals
  • a better notifications center for tracking users that you subscribe to
  • improved privacy management
  • fine-tuning for markdown support
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