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In a world of automatic bill-pay and banking apps, many don’t feel the necessity to keep a close eye on their finances. According to the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, just 41% of Americans have a budget. Several personal finance applications and websites can assist you in budgeting and tracking your expenditure. However, many of these services are difficult to use and unsuitable and time-consuming for laypeople. We were compelled to create a project that makes spending monitoring and management simple. Consequently, we decided to establish a website and a Whatsapp bot to simplify this procedure and encourage and educate young people like ourselves to manage our finances better.

What it does

The application is built on two key components:

Website: To visualize, analyze and produce insightful information based on your spending.

WhatsApp chatbot: Our chatbot keeps track of your expenditures and budget by simply sending chat messages. You can also view your past spending any time in the future.

How we built it

We used HTML, CSS, Javascript, and React for the front end. ChartJS for graphical analysis. We utilized Flask for the backend and the chatbot, SQLITE for CRUD, and Twilio to build the bot.

Challenges we ran into

Because half of our team members are new, there were a lot of hurdles along the road. We had to scan the internet for information to get a head start, and things weren't simply because we hadn't used any libraries to develop the Bot. However, through tackling these difficulties, we earned invaluable experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are excited to put together a solution to help young individuals manage their finances better.  We're also glad that we could come together as a team and overcome obstacles with our best efforts.

What we learned

What We've Discovered We learned a lot during the weekend. We found out —

Flask can be used to construct web apps that are quick, scalable, and easy to use. Twilio allows you to create unique solutions easily. How using Flask helps us to build backends faster. Frontend development with React

Finally, we learned a lot from one other and MLH during the weekend.

What's next for Finezy

Future ambitions for Finezy include a more personalized approach to data and additional features that provide financial support to young adults and high school students. Either as a means of gaining access to present resources or gaining control of their finances.

We plan to provide more comprehensive analytic capabilities to help users understand and examine their spending patterns. Improving the user experience and chat functionality is also on the plan.

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