In an age where our lives are entwined with technology developments, it is not unexpected that most products and services are already being mechanized and digitized. One of them is the finance industry. Because of automated services such as online payment and banking, bank-related transactions have become more convenient and accessible. This is not true for all of us, especially the minority groups treated differently—people with disabilities and the elderly.

This barrier stops individuals from accessing financial institutions and services, whether physical or virtual. Even though they have assistive technology on their devices, they still have problems using it since not all financial apps are created with persons with disabilities, leaving them financially excluded and dependent.

What it does

Clover's primary purpose is to assist those with impairments and the elderly while making financial transactions with the assistance of our virtual assistant. This gives them the ability to make their own financial decisions. We also want people to feel safe when conducting transactions that require them to provide personal information.

Clover is an assistant and can draw over other programs that are difficult to use and access. He will automate activities on your behalf as your helper with just a voice command. The user can tell Clover, "Transfer $100 from my savings account to [another account]." Clover will then take over and automate the procedure (HE CAN TRACK YOUR INTERACTION WITH AN APP OR A HARDWARE SENSOR AND INTERACT WITH APPS ON YOUR BEHALF)

How we built it

We built Finest with Django, Python, HTML/CSS, and Bootstrap. We used getform API for the contact form and used VS Code Live share to work on the project.

Challenges we ran into

  • Working with the Django REST API framework, which we were unfamiliar with
  • Managing our scope such that we turned in a genuine project, even if it was a bit bare bones
  • CSS and website design
  • using the backend, but we made it all work in the end
  • Brainstorming: It took us a long time to create concepts in fin-tech that had a true social impact.
  • Deploying our Django website using

🙋‍♂️What we learned🙋‍♂️

We learned a lot this weekend. We learned —

  • How to develop fast, scalable, and simple web applications
  • How using Django helps us build backends easily.
  • We learned a lot about Python and Django debugging silly errors in our code and how to manage our limited time efficiently.
  • And finally, there was a lot we learned from each other over the weekend.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are happy to assemble a solution to assist the disabled and the elderly by making them financially independent.

We are happy to create a project, work collaboratively as a team, and manage our features to work quickly and on schedule. Even though we had time zone differences, we managed to work together simultaneously and film the video clearly for everyone. Still, all of the team efficiently made distinct contributions to progress the project and the pitch.

What's next for Finest

A mobile application for both iOS and Android platforms.

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