Realization of the impact financial literacy at school level can create to the future generation

What it does

Uses principles of gamification and state of art technology to impart financial literacy.

How I built it

After thorough research over various knowledge repos finalised on the UNICEF- CSFE framework module

Challenges I ran into

Latest technology- AR/VR

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The academic head of our school, Lecole Chempaka has approved a forty minute session for our team. Hdfc bank has agreed to evaluate student banking. The CEO of DreemzRocks has shown interest in partnering with us for gamification and AR initiatives.

What I learned

Through researches learned more about financial literacy. Organizations like UNICEF, through their CSFE framework has opened doors to carve a poverty free future generation, by encouraging introduction of financial literacy at an early age.

What's next for FinED

*Expand to other schools. *Create a pool of FinED evangelizers FinED Prodigies FinED Champs FinED Experts *Online classes, content, Individual Projects *FinED Games

Built With

  • csfe
  • framework
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