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About 10% of children have a motor disabilities, physical rehabilitation is necessary to grow an appropiate life experience.

What it does

Fine motor skills are a necessary skil for people to develop, especially at a young age. However, today there are still many people who suffer from disabilities in this physical area, which limits them from doing certain daily activities. To help solve, or at least improve, in this problem, we decided to make an application to help people, from young to adults, develop these skills. our application uses the technology of the Leap Motion and a Sphero to create an entertaining way to practice these skills. The Leap Motion detects the user's hand with high precision, and then calculates its position which will then determine the movements of the Sphero. The objective of this 'game' is to control the Sphero through a series of obstacles without any mistakes. The player uses their hand's movement as if they were moving the Sphero robot, and high precision movements are needed to get through the whole obstacle course safely. This is an entertaining yet helpful way to develop a good practice in a person's fine motor skills.

How I built it

Using the API offered by Cylon, we receive the position of the hand and translate it into velocity components that are sent to the sphero via Bluetooth.

Challenges I ran into

The bigest challenge was getting the different services to communicate with each other, but, thanks to Cylon's API, we got it working.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our most important accomplishment in the development of this project were the ability to communicate between two completely different devices and be able to control them accurately as we expected to do. We are also proud of the challenges we overcame and that it gave us the result and experience we were looking to obtain.

What I learned

We learned to program in Javascript, as some of our members didn't have experience programming in it, we also learned about the different API's and software available to control each of the technologies we were using. We also gained a lot of experience working as a team and complete a 24-hour project, which is not something everyone is able to achieve.

What's next for Fine Motor Therapy

Implementing advanced gesture recgonition for a greater variety of movements.

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