Traveling to new places is always a rewarding experience, but at times, it feels like we only touch the surface of our destinations. While we get to see a lot of exciting places and things, they often remain a mystery to us, unless we happen to know someone who can share their stories with us. Stories are how we connect with people and places, and how we remember and interact with our world. Gamification is a proven means of improving engagement, and the number of casual gamers has increased significantly over the years. Combining cultural storytelling and gamification, people can learn more about the history and culture of the places they visit, and share their local cultural heritage.

What it does

It makes visiting places more enjoyable. Visitors are often not aware of some of the interesting locations, or may forget to visit them. Our application helps them to know more about all the monuments, art, or other things that are present around them and help them to find it share it as a post to others.

What you learned

While the Web app was not completed, we learned about some of the tools that can be used to make web development easier. For instance, the use of firebase for authentication, the Github codespaces for react.js and some plugins to help convert figma components to react.js code.

How we built it

We designed the UI using Figma and built the application using kotlin language and jetpack compose

Challenges we faced

The major challenge we faced was time management. Initially, we had aimed to make both a web app and a mobile app, but unfortunately we were only able to finish the mobile application. There were also some bugs in the mobile app, with our focus more on the basic functionality due to time constraints.

Built With

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