The inspiration for this project was that we wanted to create a financial literacy app that would educate lower income families on important terminology. We wanted to make the app easy to use, educational, and friendly with the large Hispanic population of this country. We settled on a vocab app that can educate the user in terminology in either English or Spanish.

What it does

The app first allows the user to either practice, play the quiz, or read the instructions. During the practice, the user can just flip cards to show what it is that the definition of each is, After the practice, the user can take the quiz which allows for the user to input the certain word that corresponds with a definition. Afterwards, the score is displayed.

How I built it

We were able to build our app in Android Studio using the java programming language and XML markup language. The Android Studio creation involves multiple activities and classes that are unique to each class.

Challenges I ran into

During the course of the project, we encountered countless difficulties. In the creation of the quiz pages, we found that certain variables names became mismatched due to cut and paste errors. In addition to that, The emulator would continue to crash during the end for testing leading us very little room to test. We were able to cope with these and find ways to showcase our project even with that.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to create most parts of the app to be functional and have great user interactions with the ability to click buttons and sift through all known pages. In addition, we were all able to increase our proficiency in the android studio software while also picking up some forms of XML.

What I learned

We all learned more of XML of course, but also enhanced our ability to use android studio and became familiarized with the packages and objects that were available to us.

What's next for Finducation

The next steps for Finducation are expanding our list of financial literacy terminology, creating versions in other languages, marketing the app to lower-income families, and coloring in the general aesthetic of the app.

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