On Jan 20, Bernie Sanders and his mittens swept the nation. What we learned from that day was that this photo of Bernie fits into any picture Venus de Milo, Bird Box, Mike Pence's head, ...

We know Feel the Bern. Now it's time for Find the Bern

What it does

Game with two modes, goal is to find and click on the hidden Bernie.

Time trial: complete 5 rounds as fast as possible to have the honor of having your name displayed as the top three bernie finders

Competitive mode: be the first to find bernie each round in real time among other players currently playing and climb that leaderboard

How we built it

Socketio api is used to connect players to the server. I used flask, html, and css to create the frontend, python for the backend, and javascript for Websocket connections. Special thanks to google images and online image generators.

Challenges we ran into

  • persisting socket connections
  • leaderboard and round update in real time, keep everyone on the same round when someone finds bernie
  • making bernie clickable
  • hiding so many bernies
  • finding the bernies that i hid too well during testing

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • fully functional successful game with two modes and connections
  • surprisingly fun to play by yourself of with friends
  • my image editing skills are prime

What we learned

  • client server communication
  • deployment of web apps

What's next for findthebern

  • hide the bern functionality incomplete, where users can hide their own bernie and save that image and add it to the rounds so other people can try to find
  • mobile version so everyone can find bernie on the go (game is now best played on desktop because images so up better on bigger screens)
  • making rooms, invitation links, choose number of rounds so you don't have to play with strangers
  • chat window
  • findthebern to be a nationwide influence, just like bernie and his mittens
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