findrhyme logo connects locations to people--and to you as well. We believe poems are a great medium to achieve this end, and there aren't any limitations to poems as a way to express yourself. When you travel to a location, you can pull out your mobile device, navigate to, and find out about people who have visited that location before you--and share your own story as well. This app is about learning the history of a location, making it more dynamic, while bringing the community together. Our inspiration came from these thoughts--how many days a week do you go to the same place, be among the same people, but never speak to them? You may never find out the circumstances of the people around you, but gives you a glimpse into them, while letting you share your experiences as well. Mobile devices and access to the web are such a prominent part of almost everyone's lives and our web application is easy to use and simple to understand. Therefore, our target user is everyone who wants to learn about the people around them and gain an attachment to the locations of their everyday--or not everyday--lives.

    Key features:
  • We included a Google Maps implementation where markers are created within a range of the user's geographic location from where they submitted the post. It lets users have a glimpse of the history that's been recorded at a location and gain an insight into places they might want to explore in the future.
  • Used Zillow API to give users more information about the area in case they are more interested after seeing the quality of poetry in the area so they can consider investing in real estate.
  • The SQL database, especially the program's ability to take submissions and sort them by location to output a display that only shows submissions that were created within a range of the user's submission point.
  • Implementation of weather data, embedded within the post's contents. As important as the location and submission content, we believe more details of the poster's circumstances are useful in developing the end product that we desire--an outlook into the location's history and people. Knowledge of the weather at the time of post gives the viewer more insight into the circumstances of the post, since we often link weather to moods.
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