What was the inspiration: #Whatthehelicopter

What it does: Combines multiple twitter reports with pictures of drones to create an early warning indicator of activity. Expand that to include "image direction finding" and computer vision to classify drones and use as a selector to pick appropriate defeat mechanism

How we built it: low-code rapid application development tools - open APIs and elastic-stack tools. Partner with another team to enable computer vision

Challenges we ran into: twitter locking us out thinking we are robots.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Successful tag/track of drones, putting the systems in operational contect, great collaboration with another team

What we learned: Lots about computer vision, lots from mentors about operational context, Athena was able to see our tweets that twitter has suppresed from public screens.

What's next for #findr . Continue to collaborate with other team/company Minerva

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