Wouldn't you like to search for house in East Village which is close to subway station, near your favorite restaurants, and has Trader Joe's just a few blocks away? You can now make such queries using our application. The app, with support from ESRI dataset, NYC Open Data, Google Maps API, Giffy, is very powerful to find places overlaying multiple datasets on top of each other.

For example, if you were looking for a public library in Queens which is a mile away from subway station, the query would be as simple as shown in image attached.

We currently support following datasets, though we can quickly add support for more datasets.

  1. Queens Libraries
  2. Subway Entrances
  3. Health center and Hospitals
  4. Housing Developments
  5. Brorough boundaries
  6. School district

These can be layered on each other and be filtered for most of their properties.

Future plans:

  1. Add multi-city integartion
  2. Enhance support for bigger datasets like "USA_Census_Mortgaged_Housing" (in ArcGIS), which currently need async request as 60s timeouts result in 504 gateway error.
  3. All properties in data sets cannot be filtered upon, like library hours, working days etc.
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