“It’s always in the last place you look.” Made by unorganized people, for unorganized people, Findr draws its inspiration from the follow-up question, “but wouldn’t it be easier to find lost objects if more people were looking?” With Findr, users can post the physical description and last known location of a lost item to the online Findr noticeboard. Another user can then play the role of the “seeker”, and hunt for the object near the posted geotag. When the lost item is found, the seeker will be able to easily contact the user and place a new geotag at the item’s location. After the user has confirmed that the item has been found, the seeker will be rewarded with in-app “karma” which they can then use to attach greater karma rewards to their own lost item posts. In the future, Findr will also implement an secure in-app messaging system to make it easier for users to contact each other. Image support is also planned to allow more information about the lost item to pass from the poster to the seeker. iOS support will also be a future feature. Targeted ads (for items users have lost frequently) and IAPs (users could buy more karma) would also be considered for implementation.

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