I find it difficult to get a good orientation in new places. While google maps and other apps are my live savers in most cities, I often get lost in large buildings, such as airports or big shopping malls. My own shortcoming inspired me to find a solution for other people like me.

What it does

Findor is an app providing augmented reality indoor navigation for visitors of large buildings, such as airports, malls, universities, hospitals an many more. For the building operators, Findor provides a unique value proposition for boosting customer experience and sales while getting insightful movement data and promoting building safety through in-app emergency guidance.

How we built it

We rely 100% on smartphone technology for augmented reality applications. For programming, we used X Code.

Challenges we ran into

Get a high accuracy without using beacons or other expensive additional technology

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We achieved an accuracy of close to 1 meter using only smartphone sensors without any outside technology support

What we learned

Simplicity is challenging but proves highly valuable when the solution is presented

What's next for Findor

SCALE! We are going to be the Google Maps for Indoor Navigation!

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