Oftentimes, people in their teenage/early adult years don’t know the basic information they need to manage their finances. The majority of the people learn it as they go and oftentimes, that can lead to big problems. Since the younger generation leads us into a brighter future, it is society’s responsibility to make sure that they have knowledge of the financial actions they take from earlier on in their lives. A huge tool to make this happen is apps. We know that every child has access to a device these days, so we wanted to make an app that can educate children on financial topics while also being fun to use. Another major aspect that we wanted to cover in this app is to create an ability for children to learn how to keep track of their expenses. We wanted to make sure that their new app can not only educate them but also aid their current expenses in an efficient manner.

What it does

finDoodle provides a platform for children to have access to a wide array of financial topics that are easily understandable with our eye-catching features using augmented reality. All you have to do is sign up with your existing google account in one click, and you’re done!

So far, we have the option to visualize a credit/debit card, a bank machine, and videos that can help explain topics to children. As you scroll through your list of tutorials, if you choose to learn about any of the information listed above, you will need a QR code that we will provide, to navigate into the page you’ve chosen.

finDoodle also gives you the ability to check and create your expenses easily. Our goal in doing this is to train and engrain the methodology in children, of analyzing their expenses from a young age. Let it even be, that a friend owes $5 for ice cream and the child owes someone else $10. They need to start thinking about how much they owe and how much someone owes them and what it means to them.

How We built it

The app is built on Flutter SDK, which makes it a cross-platform environment for both Android and iOS. For the back-end data management, Firebase and Cloud Firestore have been collaboratively used, and also along with the help of Firebase we have integrated the Google Sign-in feature with which users can get into the app without any sort of pre-sign up required. For the Augmented Reality experience we have used echoAR and Unity modeling integrated with Flutter using echoAR Flutter SDK. We have also used DialogFlow for creating an intelligent chatbot. For prototyping the entire app, we have used Figma and Adobe Illustrator for UI/UX design handling.

Challenges we ran into

One of the biggest challenges was the integration of echoAR and Flutter to provide real-time experience. echoAR is very simple to use but could create a ton of silly mistakes and debugging them is really hard, so we had to keep rewriting the code multiple times, each time with proper care to ensure that there is no error. So, this was quite time consuming and hence we had to rush with our app, but finally, we did make it and hit the time constraints without fail.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I love how appealing the app looks and it’s super exciting to know that this app has an amazing potential to educate children from a young age with information that they can use to make important financial decisions in the early stages of their adulthood. ~Sanjana

It’s really satisfying to see how students and children learn right before they take any major decision on their own, and with this app, we are trying our level best to make sure that everyone knows how they should be able to handle their finances right before they strike into the working age. ~Amey

What we learned

As a team, we collaboratively worked together to make this project a success and as a result, we have improved our team-building skills, and excellent communication among the teammates have been proved to be fruitful. We learned new UI/UX methodologies like Figma and emerging technology of Augmented Reality using echoAR which is effectively powerful and has proven to be more than just an AR SDK by its powerful integration within various cross-platform development services like Flutter and React. We have also used Dialog Flow for chatbot which was something new for us to use. Along with this, we also had a great time developing the app.

What's next for finDoodle

By cooperating with finance companies like Capital One, we aim to provide a better way of savings that would mold students and children into better savings individuals. We also plan to use emerging technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with the support of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to make savings and financial planning simple and easy. Auto reminders will be set so that users will be notified when they are reaching their card limit.

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