We are freelance wedding photographers and computer science majors. We've seen how difficult it is for people to search the web for photographers to cover their events, and know how difficult it is to rely so heavily on referrals to connect with new photography clients. A Google search of "Photographers near me" doesn't render any useful results, something needs to be done! Citi Bank Gig Economy Challenge to the rescue

What it does

We are establishing a database of photographer's online portfolios, which are most often hosted as Squarespace or WordPress and standard include: sample photos, contact information, and optionally pricing information; and the location in which the photographer operates. We have an app were the user can under their location (using their current location or Google Maps API) and the app shows them the portfolio details of photographers who operate in that location

How we built it

We started with an Android app with Google Maps API as a search engine, user interface, and presentation for the photographer portfolio details, with plans to build out web,IOs interfaces, and photographer oriented interfaces for new portfolio submissions. We have a django backend designed with django ORM/ postgresql and django-rest-api along with the Squarespace and WordPress JSON rest APIs: the photo titles, URLs (web location), and bio/price information can be pulled as JSON from the web portfolios and collected in the Django Postgres database (hosted on Google cloud). An Andoid, IOs, or Web interface can make rest API calls sending the Google Maps coordinates to django and the API will return a JSON string with the porfolio images and associated information

Challenges we ran into

Working with the Google Cloud environment was far more difficult than we expected! Troubleshooting

What's next for Findographer

We will be building out the database of photographers/portfolios, UI for photographers to submit

Built With

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