This morning we were made aware that whooping cough had made it to our campus. Due to the close-knit community on campus, this was an alarming message to receive. All of us can relate to being stuck next to the sick person at work or in class, knowing where people are sick can help us as students and our community at large stay healthy.

What it does

FindMySickness allows individuals to not only self report their own symptoms but also allows them to view others' symptoms as well as when and where they occurred. This encourages users to interact and keep the geographic map up to date with the latest germ trends.

How we built it

Utilizing Android Studio and Java, we created an Android app to visualize Google Maps, where users could place instances of theirs or others' observed illnesses.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges we ran into were getting the google map UI to work in order to track markers of areas you or another were sick in. Also, since this was the first time using Android Studio, it was a learning experience to get the UI to display the sections of our application without overlapping due to constraints on display items.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having never made an Android App using Google Maps we were extremely proud to have been able to get our map implementation working properly.

What we learned

We became more familiar with the Android Studio environment as well as trouble-shooting using logcat. We also learned the importance of taking breaks and participating in community events like the MLH cup building.

What's next for FindMySickness

FindMySickness has the potential to influence the social culture of spreading germs throughout a community using self-reporting of symptoms. The quantity of data collected could help foster research in the area of illness outbreaks, especially within concentrated geographic areas.

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