What it does

FindMyParking.space provides a marketplace for individuals and businesses to lease parking spots for visitors to rent, especially during crowded events in urban areas. You could think of us as Airbnb for parking spaces -- an interactive market where people with spare parking can sell their spaces for money to people looking for parking spots, particularly helpful for congested events.


As a team of Business, Bioengineering, and Computer Science majors, we decided to develop a service that highlights our interdisciplinary skills while also establishing a base for innovation. We intended to create a startup that would benefit both consumers and businesses. After brainstorming various ideas, we concluded that a company reducing traffic congestion would greatly enhance road safety and air quality.

How we built it

We initially built mockups using React Native and Adobe XD but soon ran into trouble implementing everything into a progressive web app. Since all of us were new to Node and React, we couldn’t utilize these technologies to their full potential. We ended up switching to the more traditional LAMP stack and implemented our idea leveraging jQuery as a server-side script. We also used Python to edit markdown files using the Python Markdown library.

Challenges we ran into

None of us knew Node, React, or Ruby. We still used Hugo and Jekyll to generate static pages using Markdown files, which were parsed using the Python Markdown library.

Accomplishments that We’re proud of

We successfully built an MVP for our product! Really anticipating pitching the idea to our respective judges.

What we learned

We learned React and React Native. Got things to work with LAMP stack and reinforced old, yet powerful frameworks and technologies.

What's next for FindMyParking.space

We will develop an iOS app for a parking spot marketplace based on our Adobe XD prototypes and connect with potential parking spot leasers and renters to gauge consumer interest in our application.

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