Missing people is a massive issue. According to the UNHCR there were 59.5 million displaced people at the end of 2014. And this number will have only increased in the last 15 months.

We’re here to empower refugees to find their lost connections through leveraging the power of social networks and mobile phones to provide an integrated global alert system.

There are two massive global trends that can be leveraged to better find, connect and empower refugees.

Smart phones are now ubiquitous and provide a window to the world. People carry them around in their pockets.

Social media is widespread and provides an infinitely powerful network enabling people to connect and find information.

What it does

findmyfamily application helps refugees and their family members to find each other with the Internet technologies such as mobile apps and website

How we built it

findmyfamily application consists of:

  • a backend with an API and mongoDB
  • a Website to register and search for refugees and their family members
  • an Android app to register and search for refugees and their family members

Challenges we ran into

We run out of time to finish the website, but we have designed it with consideration of user-friendliness

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have completed the back-end, which is ready to be used by mobile/web apps. We have built an Android app, which can register and search person based on the information similar like in the Red Cross's form.

What we learned

It was stressful to finish such ambitious goal in one and half day hackathon, but we have lot of fun, especially to work with Humanitarians who make this Hackathon different than many others.

Locating families is not a huge priority for most refugees. Their primary concern is just letting their family member know that they are safe and are currently in a particular country.

What's next for #FindMyFamily

We know there are challenges to be overcome. Getting security and privacy right is absolutely critical. And offline access to information will be key.

However, the upside is tremendous…

We want to change the way people are found Our platform will support future integration of emerging technologies such as facial recognition – we are primed for the future We offer a global solution leveraging existing social networks – and all in the palm of your hand

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