Worried about losing your dog? Fret no more. FindMyDog is here to help. Simply attach a GPS chip(or your phone for testing like we did) to your dog's collar, and that's it. You can register it on the website, and set up geofences. If the dog strays outside of an area, you'll get a text and an email.

Included are distance and average speed metrics, as well show you where your dog has been during the time you set for the report.

Will FindMyDog also work on cats? No. Cat's suck, we didn't test on them, and they hate collars. (Actually, it can, if you manage to keep a collar on the damn feline without getting overly scratched.)

How many devices does FindMyDog support? 1. Your telephone.(for testing reasons and ease of creation) It has a pluggable interface, and with some small tweaks you can get your device working. You just need location data and some form of internet connectivity.

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