Far too many humans waste precious hours deciding on one boba places. Some attempts to decide end in unsettled, uncomfortable disputes, while others end in you not even getting boba because all the shops are closed, leaving you in a disgruntled, unquenched, and boba-less state. How distressing! Have no fear, however, for FindMyBoba is here! Make up for all your potentially lost hours of your life with this indisputably time-saving web-app! No matter how big your boba-addicted friend group is, or if you're just going alone on some sad-boba-hours (it's okay though, boba will surely cheer you up!), we do our best to respect your time.

What it does

FindMyBoba will determine your current location and will give you a random (but reputable) boba place within seconds! On top of that, by clicking on "Take Me There!", we'll give you the location of that shop on Google Maps.

How we built it

This web-app is built primarily on Javascript, HTML, and CSS. We utilized Node.js, the Express framework, and Postman to develop this mouth-watering application. We utilized a combination of middleware and router manipulation to handle requests, which further returned results using the Yelp Fusion API, meaning that our results are real, reliable, and reputable :)

Challenges we ran into

There were several challenges in linking our back-end to the front-end. Especially since we mostly worked on either front- or back-end, we had to frequently communicate our endpoints. Furthermore, making changes through Git/Github was fairly complicated at times, especially when taking merge requests.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We believe that we've designed a sufficiently user-friendly UI, given the amount of time that we've had. Moreso, we were able to quickly implement Yelp's API in order to bring our app to fruition in a real, practical sense.

What we learned

A lot of this application was heavily reliant on pacing and good collaboration through Git/Github. Furthermore, we've learned how to use multiple third-party development apps and other applications in order to build a functional web-app.

What's next for FindMyBoba

In the future, we'd like to implement a database for our tasty app. We'd have a way in which we can authenticate users and have them register in order to keep track of the boba shops they've been to. Ideally, we'd use MongoDB via Mongoose, and have "MyBobaList" page in which users can view and manage the places they've been to. We'd like to build a thriving online community based on the heavenly milk tea.

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