Chatbot for Groupme, using Microsoft Cognitive Services to tag users in posted photos

Setting up:

Create a heroku instance, with Postgres installed

Create a table with the schema:

CREATE TABLE userimage (
  image BYTEA)

Deploy to heroku using git

Alternatively, set up a local heroku server, and configure the heroku env file to run the app locally

Chatbot Instructions:

Post a photo, along with "this is me", to store an image for yourself

Post any photo, and the bot will repond with the nickname of the identified user

Why We Built It

On Facebook, there is a feature to automatically recognize and tag users. However, other popular social applications, such as GroupMe, do not have any facial recognition features. We thought that it would be helpful to expand this functionality to other applications such as GroupMe, using Microsoft's Cognitive Services. With our chatbot, it is easier for users to know when a picture containing them is posted. Our hope is that this encourages conversation and interaction in the chat. Though we built our application specifically for GroupMe, the functionality of our chatbot could be extended to other social applications using other APIs.

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