We realized that there wasn't a good content suggestion system for anime and that we could probably make it fairly easily. We also wanted to learn rails, which neither of us had touched before.

What it does

Tell it which shows you've seen and what you've thought of them - it will then rank shows you haven't seen based on how other users who enjoyed or hated the same content as you felt about them.

How I built it

We put an ror framework on our VPS and wrote the logic in Ruby.

Challenges I ran into

Neither of us had ever used any of the tech before so challenges were aplenty.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of everything that works.

What I learned

I learned a bunch of technology. I think my partner did as well.

What's next for FindMeAnime

If we can get it working well, we're gonna unveil it at the first anime club meeting of the year at UChicago. And then - the sky is the limit.

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