I have always been interested in developing games. Additionally, I am a programming guy with lots of inquisitiveness about Cyber Security and am learning everything I can about it. Therefore, this hackathon caught my eyes as we had to develop something entertaining related to cybersecurity. Hence, I ended up with developing the game - Finding the Facts!

What it does

Finding the Facts is a RPG game. The storyline is: You are Luke, the protagonist of the game located in small town of Willersfield. Just like the regular days, today again Luke is late to his school. Whilst reaching upon his school, he discovers that most of the children have left and the teacher as a punishment gave him an assignment on Cyber Security. Join our protagonist on his journey of roaming around the town of Willersfield to gain knowledge on Cyber Security / Cyber Literacy and some of the best practices to stay safe on online platforms.

You have to roam around the town, find the hidden clues, complete tasks for people in exchange for information on Cyber Security, unlock various levels(various parts of town) and finally submit the assignment back to teacher to complete the game.

How we built it

Actually the game is created through a very powerful and freely available online tool for creating RPG games - RPG Playground(

Challenges we ran into

Although it seemed easy to create the game as I got rid of the coding part, however writing the script alone took me almost two weeks. Then since I am not that much of a designer as well, designing the sceneries and various levels inside the game was also a tedious but fun tasks, I would say. One of the most important part of the game was creating logic - When which part of the game is allowed for the player to access, which people are ready to talk to player and innumerous such instances are crucial to proper functioning of the game.

Finally, collecting good questions on Cyber Security and what domain of questions can be asked inside the game and would be appropriate(mainly for the household players).

Accomplishments that I am proud of

Creating this game in itself is an accomplishment. As I mentioned earlier coming up with the storyline and designing as well as the logics created inside the game, all those things count for accomplishments I am proud of.

What's next for Finding the Facts

A lot of things actually, firstly, I will ask for someone's help or spend some more time myself on better designing of levels(areas of towns inside my game) such as the town-square area, which I believe can be more beautified. Also, I believe we can add better questions with more puzzles demanding more interactivity from the players and hidden clues and answers that can make the game more interesting than now.


Built With

  • rpg
  • rpgplayground
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