This is the prototype of an action and puzzle game named “Finding”, which is characterized by controlling the game character to shuttle in space by using a hook and, in the mean time, to open switches as required. The game challenges players' ability to respond quickly and also offers a fully immersed first person perspective when controlling the character to zoom past obstacles and solve puzzles. We have also maximized the use of Gear VR's touchpad in gameplay. You can use both touchpad and gamepad to play our game. In the demo version, 2-3 game stages have been developed up until now, while in the full version there will be much more funny elements, puzzles, stages, and new challenging gameplay. It supposes to take at least 3 months for the final release.

Milestone II Update:

Recently,we have settled the game mechanics of Finding and most of the game elements.Also,we have tried some different types of art style.

We have made great progress in using Gear VR’s touchpad to control the character in our game.You can walk around freely,launch your claw to grab these Photospheres and swing yourself though different floating islands like the Spider Man,and activate some special devices and props in the world of Finding.We can put most of the game play that a traditional platform adventure game needs in Finding.

The game begins in a fantastic world that seems like being destroyed.There’s no continent in this world,the fragmented ground and huge stones are floating in the sky.The world is quite unstable,There are a lot of portals in this world that will transport you from normal world to alternate realities.Also we have some of special devices to make illusions into realities.Our character need to find what happened to this world.We even designed some Titans as a boss in the end of each chapter.Hopefully we have enough time to finish all those contents before the last deadline.

After we tried some different types of art style in Gear VR,we made a lot of compromises.We can not use any camera based image effect to promote the visual performance of our game.We always  hesitated between the details of the world and the limitation of draw calls.So,we are still trying to find a best way to achieve good visual performance in Gear VR.

Now we have already finished two game stages and one tutorial stage.Last week we show our first game stage to some random people.Most of them love the new VR game experience.So,Keep on fighting!

Milestone III Update:

The Game

Our heroine,Alice,works for the Final Union,the last residence of Human Beings,a Space Station Floating in the Sky.Earth has been destroyed by some unknown huge monsters fallen from sky.All of a sudden,all monsters disappeared from the Earth.So,Alice got a mission,which is to go back to the Earth through a portal,to find where those monsters hiding,why they are finding,and to find a way to save this world.


You can use both touchpad and gamepad to play Finding. If you're using touchpad,then Movement: Slide forward then hold,you can move forward; Slide backward then hold,you can move backward; Movement in the air: You can adjust your position in the air the same way you walk on the ground; Grab Photospheres: Aim at the red Photosphere and launch your claw to grab it,then you can swing
yourself in the air just like the Spider Man; Aim at the green Photosphere,then you will absorb its energy and dash to its position.These connected green Photospheres can generate more energy. Active Triggers: Aim at some special triggers then you can activate some special devices and props,Launchers,Windmills,Mirrors,Portals,etc.


Scoring will be calculated based on three conditions:

  1. the amount of time it takes to complete to finish one stage. 2.the number of crystals our player collected. 3.How may times you tried to finish one stage.
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