We want to help patients with Alzheimer/memory loss disability to find things they could easily forget.

What it does

We use beacon devices to emit low bluetooth signals, which our app will pick up and signal the user to the location of the things they're looking for. Our app uses the Clarifai API to analyze the surroundings near the item and use that data to predict the possible future location of where the user might leave their items next. For example: Anne likes to leave her medication on her nightstand next to her bed.

How we built it

It's a web app built on the ionic framework and angular 2 for the front end, node.js and mongoDB for the backend.

Challenges we ran into

  • deciding on a problem/idea, and then tailoring it down to something realistic to build
  • setting up firebase with angular as we originally set it up with javascript
  • our beacon devices ran out of battery so we couldn't demo our project using the actual beacon devices, instead we created a beacon using the signals from a laptop in order to prove our concept
  • we wrote it in webcode, but it needed to be native to use bluetooth beacons, so we solved it by using the ionic framework
  • angular 2 likes to throw (lots of unhelpful) errors!!!!
  • combining multiple components together

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • backend works!!!
  • solving the beacon project
  • 3 beginner hackers got to learn
  • international university team working together

What we learned

  • how to set up the backend database with mongoDB
  • using the Clarifai framework

What's next for Finding Memo

We hope to use the data collected from our users, and use data visualization tools and analytics to predict the next possible location for the frequently lost items, what items are being forgotten the most, the time that users search for these items. For users such as Alzheimer patients, this data can then be reported to their caregivers and/or family members to understand the conditions of the patient. We also want to apply machine learning to our data and start pushing notifications for when the user may start to search for a certain item. For example: At 3pm, Anne will look for her medication which will be at her nightstand next to her bed.

Aside from being able to find items, we also want to apply face recognition tools to help Alzheimer patients recognize their friends and family members.

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