Inspiration: The gig-economy and rise in the use of technology to disrupt traditional practices like the need to be physically located in an office. Most work today can be effectively done remotely and technology makes this possible.

What it does: Our platform ( currently links "Employers" and "Talent" within the life science industry. Employers can hire skilled talents on-demand to assist in development of drugs and medical products needed to save lives. We can also adapt our current platform to support Telemedicine. In this scenario we can make an update to our existing infrastructure with a functionality to book and have an appointment with a healthcare provider such as a doctor on-demand.

How I built it: WE have been building this platform over a few years now and just recently launched the functionality for Life Science companies to hire talents on-demand. The platform is currently available as a website ( I manage a team of developers that work under me to do coding. I provide them the requirements and manage the development and release of the various features and functionalities.

Challenges I ran into: Finding talent with the right skill is a big challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: We just recently launched after years of development. Within this time I was also working on my PhD which I also recently completed.

What I learned: Working with people from different backgrounds and understanding what value each member brings to the table.

What's next for Finding Experts On-Demand: We want to continuously improve the user experience and add new features to the platform.

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