Most people in Africa uses facebook more than local applications or websites. Taking advantage of that and providing house rental and selling services would help so many people. They will not need to install any other app and the conversation would be quite natural.

What it does

It helps people to look for houses for rental or sell. It takes to user message, extract some key data from it and respond with a filtered list of houses that corresponds to the users request.

How I built it

I used node/expressjs to build my backend. Created an application on facebook and connected it to my backend via web-hooks. I also used the map static API to provide a map image of where the house is located.

Challenges I ran into

Could not publish my app on live environment due to the fact that my account is not yet verified and individual verification is suspended.I didn't also entirely finish my app due to some other personal problems.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I can catch parts of the user speech and figure out how to respond to him I also mixed a facebook technology with a google one to provide to the user a good experience

What I learned

  • creating a bot on messenger
  • using the google map static api
  • using

What's next for findHouse

I will be adding more features and making tutorials for each of them. The upcoming features are :

  • scheduling a visit
  • looking for houses based on a price range
  • publish houses
  • adding context to the conversation with the user
  • etc.
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