Finding suitable housing in Vancouver is getting harder by the day. Juggling between platforms and having to re-enter the same criteria 5 times in a row just adds frustration to it.

What it does

A centralized, single-site solution for rental home search needs

How I built it

  • Scrap listing data from craigslist using python-craigslist
  • Create python web application with Flask
  • Implement text message alert to user

Challenges I ran into

Fatigue. Both of us being first terms, our lack of experience and exposure can only be compensated by time - which we did not have a lot of.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We showed up, we stayed the 12 hours. We took the challenge to step out of our comfort zone and survived it!

What I learned

Better understanding of APIs and Web Frameworks

What's next for FindHome

  • Complete the Web application UI
  • Connect to program
  • Host publicly

Built With

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