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In brainstorming for Canada’s largest hackathon, the four members of our team strived to integrate the world of computer vision recognition with competitive and fun real-world play.

AI Object Recognition

Integrating the IBM Watson Visual Recognition API for digital recognition and classification of pictures snapped on mobile, finden quantitatively determines an image’s object resemblance to award users.

Massively Multiplayer

finden's scalable design revolves around the participation of the player base. Scores dynamically update in linear time based on the rarity of objects found - the more people find an object, the lower its value. This encourages competitive players to go out and seek rarer items to top the leaderboards!

Our Stack

finden was made possible thanks to our never before seen back-end infrastructure powered by Node.js and Firebase. We used React Native for our android application (theoretically possible to port to iOS without much hassle), and the react-native-camera library to interface with the device's camera.

Hail Corporate

In the long term, our prospective business model gains revenue exclusively from selling data to large corporations and government surveillance agencies.

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